A list of external links that may be useful when figuring out how and in what language/tool/engine you should make your game! But beware the prolonged background research trap. It's helpful to decide before the jam which tool(s) you'd like to use. It'll ideally be one that you're already acquainted with. 

Resources Lists

Cool Free Tools

  • For game development
    • Bitsy Editor - very easy-to-learn tool for basic top-down navigation games 
    • Twine - very popular, textual, link and choice-based games, good for beginners, doesn't require programming
    • Unity - super popular, 2D or 3D, graphical games, requires programming
    • GameMaker (GGJ free trial) - very popular, 2D, graphical games, common for beginners, doesn't require (but supports) programming
    • Processing (and Processing.js) - not made for games, so some overhead, but good if you know a little bit of programming and want easy JS library plugin capabilities
    • Superpowers - collaborative, open source, HTML5 2D+3D game maker
    • PuzzleScript - for making simple Sokoban-like puzzle games. Based on writing transformation rules.
    • kooltool - "simple tool for making cute, scrappy games" 
  • For art-making
    • Krita - digital sketching and painting, general image editor
    • Piskel - online, (pixel) sprite editor
    • Shoebox - animation, UI 
    • Piq - online, pixel art
    • MagicaVoxel - voxel art